This Moment In time Is All You Have

Posted by Tony Cooper on

This Moment In time Is All You Have

There is no tomorrow, for it never comes. Yesterday is gone. You are spinning around on a ball we call Earth in a Galaxy that we don't understand, in an infinite Universe. This moment here right now is all you have.

To try and detach yourself from the reality of the moment by taking drugs is to abdicate your responsibility to yourself. If you start drinking right now, when will your life come back together? In a day? Two days? A week? More?

How much damage will you do once you start? How long will it be until you come back to your senses?

I know that it takes me a week to recover from a binge drinking session. That's if I don't fire up another one immediately afterwards. I'll have several days of sleeplessness followed by acute depression and self-loathing. To try and relieve the depression I start drinking again and on we go in a never ending circle.

Breaking that circle of ruination is the goal. But to most people, including myself, because they have used and abused alcohol for so long it can seem impossible to try and live without it. It is a crutch in unfamiliar social interactions, a welcome relief from the pain you are feeling in your life, a good friend that you can rely on to soothe your troubled soul.

The problem is that this constant use of alcohol as a medication aid has changed who you are. You are not the person you are supposed to be, you are somewhere distant, a shadow of yourself never living in the moment. A ghost of the past is trying to catch a mirage of the real self on the horizon.

If you really want to change then embracing this moment right now is what you need to do. When you stop drinking the memory improves and emotions buried under years of drug abuse can begin to rise to the surface. The mind begins to function better. You'll feel like a completely different person. That's because you have started treading the path back to who you really are. Recovery means to recover yourself.

Drinking again will take you back to where you started. Unless you change, at this moment, lasting change will not be possible.

Putting yourself back together again is not going to be easy. Change is hard.

But change you must. There is no shame in asking for help. Unless you do something different this time, you will get the same result as you got every other time. There are some great online forums like and an army of people willing to help you if you would let them. There are many fantastic recovery books to read as well as online recovery blogs and websites.

This moment is all you have. Use it wisely, because ultimately we are all heading for the same destination.