Sugar Is The Enemy Of The People

Posted by Tony Cooper on

Sugar Is The Enemy Of The People

When I quit drinking, I started bingeing on Sugar. Lots of chocolate in the evenings and plenty of cheesecake. I was radical for not drinking right? So I deserved my sugary treats?

Wrong, wrong wrong. It was completely the wrong thing to do. What you want to see from not drinking is some immediate benefits, like glowing skin, some weight loss and to start feeling human again.

Eating so much sugar destroys all the goals that you are working so hard to reach. Let me explain. But first I want to share with you a secret I discovered several years ago.

I suffer from psoriasis. Over the years it has slowly got worse moving from limb to limb and body part to body part. No extremity is spared if that is not too much information for you.

It is well known that drinking alcohol exacerbates psoriasis because you become dehydrated and the skin gets parched. Drinking plenty of water is always a good thing, and these days I try to drink at least four pints a day, and I have a reminder App on my phone to “drink water”.

About eight years ago I was so depressed from all this flaking skin that I was getting desperate. In my job as an IT engineer, I had to show people how to do stuff on their PC, and it was excruciating watching people follow the crusty knuckles of my hands instead of focusing on what I was showing them. I needed to hoover up the floor if I sat anywhere for a length of time as my flaking skin would cover the carpet after rubbing the itches.

Consider A Water Fast

So I decided that I would do a water fast. A bit extreme I know, but the results were incredible.

After three days or so of not eating food, the digestive system shuts down, so you don't feel hungry anymore. You can last 20 – 30 days and longer without food as long as you have water.

I ended up water fasting for 16 days. My psoriasis completely cleared up indicating that it is a food allergy and best of all I felt like I'd been reborn.

When you go on a water fast and get past the first three days of hunger pangs all of your cravings for sugar, food, nicotine, alcohol and other addictive substances you may have been partaking of disappear. Fasting is a brilliant way to reset your body clock, ditch all the junk food, lose a lot of weight (I lost over a stone on my fast) and generally give the body the energy it needs to repair itself rather than trying to digest a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.

We all know that sugar as in the refined white stuff is terrible for us. But for people considering giving up the booze eating sugar keeps the sugar addiction alive. Ethanol consumption can cause rapid drops in blood glucose levels, and since glucose (sugar) is the body's primary source of cellular energy, acetate can compensate for low glucose by providing replacement fuel for the brain and other organs.

So basically your brain and other body organs learn to live off the alcohol you drink and convert it into a fuel source. If you stop drinking alcohol, then you'll feel weird because a significant part of the body's fuel production is derived from alcohol (acetate).

Heavy drinking can make alcoholics' brains adapt to acetate as a source of energy and make it more difficult to cut down on their alcohol intake Medical Daily

Replacing this lost fuel source with refined sugar may alleviate your hunger symptoms, but you are replacing one poor choice of body fuel with another and keeping alive the addictive thoughts.

Of course, this is all becoming a bit much for you! First off we have to give up the booze, now you tell me I have to give up all my sugary treats as well!

In my first three of months of going alcohol-free, I lost a total of three pounds. One for each month. That was because I replaced the alcohol with sugar, so I didn't see any significant weight loss. If you are going to stop drinking alcohol, there's no point in poisoning yourself with another drug – white refined sugar because you won't see any benefits in weight loss.

In addition to weight loss eating a high carb diet can make you feel like crap. These days when I eat a pizza (it's getting rarer and rarer) my head feels fuzzy for a long stretch the next day, and I feel lethargic and lack energy.

Replacing alcohol with sugar is a bad idea. Going on a water fast to kill your cravings for junk food, alcohol and other addictive substances is a brilliant idea