Urge Surfing, Riding The Crashing Wave Of Compulsion

Posted by Tony Cooper on

Urge Surfing, Riding The Crashing Wave Of Compulsion

It's not just those that we call alcoholics who have a problem with drink. Anyone whose life can be improved by quitting the booze stands to benefit.

Do you find yourself looking for car keys in the morning that have been misplaced? Wonder where your credit card is from last night and think you may have left it in the shop? Take short trips to the booze shop in your car to get a top up or drive to work with a thumping hangover?

All signs that you could do with leaving the booze alone for a bit.

Here's the thing. If the thought has crossed your mind that you might be drinking too much and you've tried many times to stop for a bit and failed it might be time to consider changing your life completely and letting go of booze for good.

It can be a horrifying thought in the beginning but consider how hard it is to stay off the drink for just a few days a week. Continually repeating the same cycle of drink./recovery is madness. This is the definition of insanity right? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!

If you keep drinking you will get slightly different results each time. Your life will continue in a downward spiral. The finances get worse, the hangovers get worse and being able to sleep properly without passing out becomes an impossible task.

There is not a problem in the world that drink cannot make worse.

When you get to three days sober, you already have more control over your feelings than you did three days ago. Thoughts are what matter. If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. If you keep blotting out those thoughts with booze, you will never gain real happiness or achieve any of your dreams.

Talking of which, when was the last time you had a vivid full 3D technicolour dream? You probably can't remember. If the mind doesn't dream, then it can't create the life you want for yourself. What you think about you become. Your external reality is derived from your inner vision.

Day 3 is such a big day because all of the alcohol has left your body. The cells in your body, however, are made up of the stuff, and it will take three months at least for your body to recover and restore themselves from their daily poisoning. The good news is that if you've been drinking for a lifetime, then things will start getting better every day from now on!

But for today you need to do one thing and one thing only – don't drink!

When the thoughts of drinking begin to enter your mind, don't fight them. Realise that they are only thoughts. Surf the wave of compulsion that these thoughts bring to you. This too shall pass.

It is so important to understand that the short-term need for a quick fix damages the long-term outlook irrevocably. Yes, you can always start over again, but haven't you tried that already?

Play the tape through to the end. Picture yourself picking up that first glass of wine or beer and enjoying the drink. Picture yourself after three or four. Think about what you will look and feel like after two bottles of wine or eight beers or more. How will you feel in the morning? 

Disgust? Shame? Remorse?

If you can get past day three without drinking alcohol, you have it within your power to beat this addiction. So whatever happens today don't drink!

A better life is on the horizon, and it will come quicker than you think. But if you keep drinking you'll keep ploughing a lonely furrow, never planting any seeds and leaving yourself nothing to reap in the future.

All of your problems in life stem from drinking alcohol. The skipped gym sessions, the missed work deadlines, the days you take off work because you'd rather spend it in bed and nurse your hangover.

Many people think that they are not creative and they are right. But once they stop drinking their creative juices are allowed to flow. Now they have creative thoughts, and they can begin making things.

If you think you cannot do something, then you are right. And if you think you can, then you are also right!

Just for today, I will not drink!