TV Ad's Brainwashed Me Into Thinking Alcohol Was A Good Thing!

Posted by Tony Cooper on

TV Ad's Brainwashed Me Into Thinking Alcohol Was A Good Thing!

Last weekend I went to see my brother as it was his birthday. Things were going great until I started drinking. 

On Friday night, we went to the pub and had a beautiful meal. I drank sparkling water, and it was a great evening. Saturday was a different story though as when it came to 5 O'clock, and they all started tucking into the beer and wine I was left feeling completely vulnerable and I switched my water for a bottle of Budweiser. 

There is something about those knowing looks when you sit alone drinking water. I should be able to handle it by now, but I wasn't up to the task. 

 I know the night would have gone down better if I hadn't touched a drink. Drinking makes everything worse. It doesn't improve anything at all. Plus I had to drive back for three hours with a hangover, and that's no joke. 

What I've noticed is that it is easier to stop drinking if you stop being bombarded by the constant TV advertising, particularly in soaps. They are the worst. 

The answer? Stop watching TV! I know it's pretty drastic but drastic measures need to be taken. The constant brainwashing is trial by TV, and of course, it is purposefully designed to appeal to your emotions that have been so destroyed by the very thing they are advertising. There should be a law against advertising poison on TV but the best thing for the moment is merely to avoid the television. 

Easier said than done but if you can't miss your favourite programmes then try recording them so you can skip the advertising breaks when they come up. 

Recovery is stressful enough without having images of people drinking flashed in front of your face every fifteen minutes.