Drunk & Broke, Sober & Rich

Posted by Tony Cooper on

Drunk & Broke, Sober & Rich

Take a few minutes to add up the amount of money you spend on alcohol every week. No seriously, do it, and don't skimp on the extras.

There, right there, is the reason you are continually flirting with the limit on your bank overdraft. All your money is going on booze, and it is a very sobering exercise to count up the amount of cash you drink away each week.

Being permanently schnockered is why you are so poor. 

Since my quit date on September 21st, I'm £105.98 better off. I was probably spending around £200 per month on booze, and there are two of us in this relationship, so another £100 is still going down the toilet. Whether or not that will change remains to be seen, but rather than get into a needless argument I'm going to let the results of my actions speak for me and see where that takes us.

Being better off financially is most welcome, but it wasn't the reason for stopping drinking. Oh No! The weekly booze spend was an essential part of the budget. I'd cut out food before alcohol if necessary. When I was really destitute a few years back cutting back on the food shopping is what used to happen, drinking took precedence over everything else in my life, and the fridge was empty.

The other knock on effect is that once you start drinking you lose willpower over your spending habits. I'm ashamed to say I gambled away a lot of money playing poker while in a blackout and the amount of food we used to order from the Chinese take away on a Friday night was ridiculous.

But when you're drinking these are just composite parts of the bargain you've made with the devil. You might feel both ashamed and remorseful in the morning, but you'll do it all over again – until you stop doing it.

If that wasn't enough, I once bought a motor car on eBay because it was a great price and not too far away – Stockton is near Manchester right?

But in the cold hard light of day, Stockton On Tees is fucking miles away. The train ticket cost me £80 to get there.

The other reason you are poor is not just because of the money you are spending on booze. Drinking kills your creativity, and you spend all the time between drinking binges recovering and preparing for the next one rather than contemplating writing a novel or reading a book.

Once you quit drinking your career will take off like a Harrier Jump Jet. You'll be first in the office with your sparkly blue eyes and instead of trying to look like you are doing the work you'll be doing the job instead of making excuses for why it didn't get done.

You'll never get rich if you keep drinking. You might think that one day it will happen to you but it won't. Not until you stop spending the money you can't afford and keep killing the creative self that might set you free.

Drinking is why you are hungover and dirt poor.